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Who Do You Call When Your Office Floods on New Year’s Eve?

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Who Do You Call When Your Office Floods on New Year’s Eve? "If I could give them 100 stars, I would."

Murphy has a rule about how everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Here at SERVPRO it seems like everything that can go wrong will go wrong when it is most inconvenient.

For example, having a water damage in your examining room at any time is bad enough. Having it on New Year’s Eve could be disastrous.

Commercial Water Damage

On New Year’s Eve 2014, Dr. Michael Edelstein was in his Moody Street office. He does not usually work on the last day of the year, but he was fortunate to be there late that afternoon when water rained down from the apartment above him.

He did not feel fortunate at the time. “New Year’s Eve I figured I would be hard-pressed to find anybody who could respond.” (See customer testimonial video.) 

24/7 Emergency Response

Dr. Edelstein was lucky though, because our owner Steve Taylor was right around the corner signing the lease for our new franchise office here in Waltham. “Within twenty minutes, the local franchisee was in my office. Within probably thirty minutes after that, I had a crew of seven people.

“I could not give them a higher endorsement…If I could give them 100 stars, I would give them 100 stars. They were terrific.”

Do You Feel Lucky?

Dr. Edelstein certainly does. He was lucky to be there when the water flooded his office. Had he already left for the night, the water would have sat there through the holiday contaminating his office.

He was also lucky he called SERVPRO® of Waltham/Weston/Watertown/Wayland. Our committed employees put their plans on hold to service the client that evening. We minimized the damage, cleaned exposed surfaces, and dried the area. Most importantly, Bay State Eye Associates was back in business as scheduled following the holiday.

We cannot prevent commercial water damages and other disasters, but we can help you take back control of your life when they happen. Trust the team with the commitment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Weston Attic Mold Remediation

9/7/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Weston Attic Mold Remediation Microbial growth in attic before and after remediation

Most homeowners get very concerned when they find mold in their attics. Mold you can see in your attic may mean you have a high level of mold spores you cannot see throughout the home, and excessive mold may cause health issues for people in the home.

Attic Mold in Weston

SERVPRO® of Waltham/Weston/Watertown/Wayland was recently called to a home in Weston, Mass. because the homeowner thought he saw mold growing in the attic. Our estimator found microbial growth on the sheathing and rafters of the attic ceiling and provided the homeowner with a free remediation estimate that he accepted.

Removed Visible Growth

Our technicians began remediation by setting up containment to prevent contaminants from the attic getting disturbed and traveling to other parts of the home. Next, they removed and discarded the insulation covering the sheathing.

Filtered Out Airborne Substances

Once the insulation was removed, the technicians vacuumed the sheathing and rafters with a HEPA vacuum. They then set up a HEPA-filtered air scrubber to remove microbial spores, dust, bacteria and other airborne particles from the air.

Deterred Future Growth

Finally, the production team applied a plant-based anti-microbial solution to the surface areas to discourage future microbial growth.

When you see or smell mold in your home, call in a professional to remediate the situation and protect air quality for your family. SERVPRO’s technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Certification. We offer free estimates and are always “Here to Help.”

Traumatic Cleanup in Waltham

9/7/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Traumatic Cleanup in Waltham image courtesy of AFSP

Yesterday, SERVPRO® of Waltham / Weston / Watertown / Wayland was called in to clean up after a suicide in Waltham, Massachusetts. Coincidentally, our speaker at yesterday’s Waltham Rotary Club meeting was from the Association For Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

The AFSP believes that if we all get more comfortable talking about suicide, we can help prevent it. Suicide is in the top ten causes of death in Massachusetts for certain demographics. White men in their mid-fifties are at particularly high risk.

Let’s Talk

Someday you may have an opportunity to help a person in crisis. Please help them to know there is help available. Help them to choose to give up freedom and self-determination temporarily if they need medical intervention. Help them to understand that whatever they feel right now will pass.

Encourage them to call 1-800-273-TALK.

When the Worst Happens

Should you ever need help cleaning after a traumatic incident, SERVPRO technicians are trained in biohazard removal and disposal. Our technicians bring compassion and empathy to families in crisis. All contaminated materials will be disposed of according to Commonwealth of Massachusetts protocols.

We do not wish these incidents on anyone, but we are “Here to Help” when needed.

Waltham Restaurant Owners Trust SERVPRO for Fire Cleanup

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Waltham Restaurant Owners Trust SERVPRO for Fire Cleanup Call SERVPRO to clean a kitchen fire

Even a small cooking fire can put a restaurant out of commission. Fumes from the smoke may impact food quality, and soot can stain surfaces. Putting out the fire usually creates a water damage as well.

Some cities and towns require a health inspection before a restaurant can reopen following a fire.

SERVPRO franchise professionals are trained and certified to provide fire cleanup that will satisfy health inspectors and allow a restaurant to reopen quickly.

Hidden Costs

Time is money for restaurants. They cannot make up the revenue lost when they are closed. Not only do owners operate on a slim margin, but the employees also cannot afford to lose several shifts in a row. We understand these pressures, and we make all restaurant incidents a high priority.

Waltham Restaurant Fire

Last month, a container of oil caught fire and exploded in a restaurant kitchen in Waltham, Mass. during the afternoon. Oily soot covered the ceiling, walls, flooring, and contents in the kitchen. The fire set off the sprinklers creating a water damage as well.

Dinner service was cancelled for that evening. Our crew worked until 11:00 p.m.:

  • Cleaning soot off surfaces
  • Extracting water from carpets
  • Applying an all-natural anti-microbial agent
  • Setting up fans and dehumidifiers
  • Installing a HEPA-filtered air scrubber

How do we measure success? The restaurant was able to open for lunch the next day.


If your Waltham restaurant or business suffers a fire damage, call our office at 781-647-9100 to make it “Like it never even happened” as quickly as possible.

Free Insurance Continuing Education Seminars

8/15/2017 (Permalink)

General Free Insurance Continuing Education Seminars Insurance CE courses in October 2017

We are pleased to announce two CE courses for insurance professionals.

SERVPRO Industries, Inc. #S11190-MA, #1066-NH will be offering TWO FREE Continuing Education Seminars on October 5, 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn, 450 Totten Pond Road  Waltham, MA 02451 for CE credit in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


The first course is Ethics for 3 Insurance Credit Hours. The course numbers are #C10183-MA, #475995/475996-NH.

Registration is at 8:30 a.m. and the course will be from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 100% attendance is REQUIRED to receive CE credit for this course. 

Mitigation Awareness & Response Seminar

The second course is Mitigation Awareness & Response for 2 Insurance Credit Hours. The course numbers are #C61302/C98096-MA, #475174/475175-NH.

Registration is at 12:00 p.m. and the course will be from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. 100% attendance is REQUIRED to receive CE credit for this course. 

Meals Provided

A continental breakfast and box lunch will be provided. Please register early so we can order enough food for everyone. 

Class size is limited. Please confirm guests attending.

For reservations contact: SERVPRO® of Waltham/Weston/Watertown/Wayland 781.647.9100,

Tips for Mold in Your Home

7/12/2017 (Permalink)

Again, mold is EVERYWHERE! But here are some tips to help you rid of unnecessary mold. 

  • Fix water problems! Without moisture, mold cannot grow so don't feed it. If you see water damage get it fixed immediately!
  • Keep the materials dry - stay aware by using your sense of smell also
  • Control the humidity by keeping levels below 60%
  • Ventilate "wet" rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Change filters for your air condition or dehumidifier
  • Toss moldy items - while some material can be saved they usually are not worth it. Keeping these items around can affect other items as well as make the air quality poorer
  • Limit houseplants or refrain from over-watering them
  • If the mold is visible remediate mold. Give us a call at 781.861.0500 to get a free estimate for your mold remediation. Our SERVPRO technicians are certified to remove mold from residential and commercial properties whether it be an attic, basement, bathroom or even crawlspace!

Summer Safety

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

As the temperature rises we are bond to spend time outside enjoying the sun! It is important to stay safe while you and your family are enjoying summer activities.

  • When using a charcoal grill, only use starter fluids designed for barbecue grills; do not add fluid after coals have been lit
  • When using a gas grill, ensure the hose connection is tight; check hoses for leaks. Applying soapy water to the hoses will easily and safely reveal any leaks
  • When camping, always use a flame-retardant tent and set up camp far away from the campfire. 
  • Always build a campfire downwind from the tent area. Clear vegetation and dig a pit before building your fire. Extinguish the fire before going to sleep or leaving the campsite
  • Store liquid fire starter (not gasoline) away from your tent and campfire and only use dry kindling to freshen a campfire

Building Safety

6/14/2017 (Permalink)

The International Code Council wants to keep people aware of "what it takes to create safe, resilient, affordable, and energy-efficient homes and buildings."

Here are some tips they offer in regards to Disaster Safety & Mitigation:

  • If you live in a high wind or hurricane prone area and do not have tested and code-approved shutters for protection from windbourne debris, consider temporarily protecting your doors and windows by mounting exterior grade, 7/16" minimum thickness plywood and fastening into place. Visit for detailed instructions on how to use plywood for emergency board-up
  • Consider building or retrofitting to create a tornado-safe room in your home. Follow ICC/NSSA 500 Standard for detailed construction information and to ensure you achieve the highest level of protection for your family
  • In wildfire prone areas, remove fine (dead grass, leaves, etc) and coarse fuels (dead twigs, branches, etc.) within 30 feet of a building to create a survivable space in case of wildfire. Be sure to remove dry leaf and pine litter from roofs, rain gutters, decks and walkways. Follow ICC's International Wildland-Urban Interface Code for detailed requirements. 
  • Flooded roads could have significant damage hidden by floodwaters. Never drive through floodwaters or on flooded roads. Do not attempt to cross a flowing stream. It only takes 6 inches of fast flowing water to sweep you off your feet and two feet of water to move an SUV-sized vehicle.

Protect yourself from the storm

6/13/2017 (Permalink)

As storm season approaches, it is important to keep your property safe as well as your loved ones. Here are some tips to take into account: 

  • Have a communication plan is very important! 
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit* including a battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio
  • Post pone outdoor activities and secure any outdoor objects that can become airborne
  • Don't use corded phones or electronics that plug in
  • Seek shelter in a home, building or hard top automobile
  • Avoid windows and doors, don't lie on concrete and stay off porches
  • Steer clear of open isolated structures

After the storm:

  • Avoid storm damaged areas such as downed power lines
  • Do not try to drive through a flooded roadway
  • Replenish your emergency supplies and repair property damage

*Follow this link to learn more about Building An Emergency Kit

Commercial Losses

6/7/2017 (Permalink)

While SERVPRO is mostly known for residential water and fire restoration, it is important to know that we can also handle commercial losses! Those losses go beyond just water and fire though as we remediate mold as well as provide general cleaning services.

We know when emergencies happen there is a lot at stake -- especially at commercial properties! Why not have help at your fingertips with SERVPRO's Ready App!

Use this for your home and business, as a owner, property manager, risk manager and facility management. When you create an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) using the Ready App it gives us access to critical facility information that helps speed up our response time.

If you want helping setting up an ERP, call us at 781-647-9100 and we can set up to have one of our Marketing Representatives walk you through the process!