What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

My home was under construction when there was a spontaneous combustion of paints in a room that sparked a fire. The smell spread throughout my home and into my valuables. 

SERVPRO was there the same night starting services! I was so grateful I got my home back in just 3 days! 

There was an electrical fire in my condominium which caused major smoke damage throughout my home. My contents were covered in soot and the ducts were also very dirty but it wasn't anything SERVPRO could not handle! I feel like I have my home back now, thanks SERVPRO!


We had another SERVPRO cleaning the structure of our home after a fire next door, so we thought it was only right to have our contents cleaned by SERVPRO. They were very patient, understanding and constantly updating us on the status of our personal belongings. 


My home faced a loss due to the boiler catching fire in the basement while I was away from home. They handled that loss well and when a water pipe burst in my basement I knew they would be the best company to service me. I was very satisfied with the work they did.

I was not living in the state at the time one of my homes was affected by a fire but SERVPRO kept me clued in on what was happening in my home from the beginning to the end. I know I will use them again if I ever experience another loss. 

At my home we had an electrical malfunction and not only was it a fire loss but also a water loss, our insurance knew that SERVPRO was equipped to handle both losses. they arrived as quick as possible and even took my rug to the shop to clean it for me. 


My home had a fire due to an electrical short in a closet which ended up affecting my whole home. But SERVPRO was there to not only help with cleaning the structure but also contents that were affected.